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Colleges use non-disclosure agreements to silence survivors and "protect their reputation"

Does your college silence survivors?

We must bring colleges to pledge to end their use of NDAs. Only then can we reveal the truth and restore the dignity of survivors.

Image by Ernie A. Stephens
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What is
Can't Buy My Silence?

Their campaign goal is to stop the misuse of NDAs so that they are ONLY used for the purpose for which they were created – the protection of IP and trade secrets.


They are determined to outlaw NDAs when used to “buy” the silence of victims in order to protect sexual predators, bullies, racists and abusers.

What is the pledge?

“Backed by the Minister for Higher and Further Education, former Equalities Select Committee Chair Maria Miller MP and campaign group #CantBuyMySilence, we [our vice-chancellor and higher education provider] commit to not using Non-Disclosure Agreements to silence people who come forward to raise complaints of sexual harassment, abuse or misconduct, or other forms of harassment and bullying.”

Who needs to sign it?

Every university in the UK.

Every college in Oxford University.


Oxford University is one of three collegiate universities in the UK.

In collegiate universities, the colleges act as separate legal entities. Oxford has 45 colleges -- we cannot get them all to change at once!

This is why we need all undergraduates, postgraduates and staff to speak out and make sure that their colleges sign the pledge.

Unfortunately, there are historical and current cases of colleges using NDAs to silence survivors. 

Recognising and understanding non-disclosure agreements is key.

from the international Can't Buy My Silence campaign

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