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Group of Activists

Making Change

More ways to be involved with IHH and impact change within Oxford.

Making Change in your JCR

JCR Motions

We have a number of JCR motions that we encourage our College Reps or anyone who wants to make positive change to submit:

  • Getting JCR reimbursements for anti-spiking measures 

  • Implementing a policy by which your college can reimburse you for a taxi ordered home from a night out 

  • Implementing “Ask for Angela” in your College Bar 

  • Mandating a member of the JCR or College Staff to put up informational posters in relevant areas in your college 

  • Encouraging your college to adopt a ban on staff-student relationships 

​If your JCR has a particularly good motion, policy or practice, we’d love to hear about it! Please send any motions or ideas to the page or to our College Reps Officer, Emilia Campos Bedingfield.

Making Change with your college

College Policies

  • Check if your College is running the “Safe Lodge” scheme and, if not, encourage them to adopt it by getting in touch with your Head Porter.

  • Write to your Head of House (Warden, Dean, President etc.) and ask them to implement a change in their harassment policy, banning relationships between staff and students they have authority over.

  • Share our poster of resources to your JCR, detailing IHH’s work and support.

  • Ensure your Women’s and Welfare Reps know about It Happens Here and the relevant services offered by the University on sexual violence support.

Making Change with your society or sports team

Society and Teams

  • Adopt IHH’s suggested harassment procedure and code of conduct for your sports team.​

  • Request SU consent training, bystander intervention training or OSARCC consent training for members of your sports team or student society 

  • Introduce a Welfare Officer and/or a Women’s Officer into your sports team or student society, who can be informed of University procedures and resources on sexual violence and can act as a confidential source of signposting 

  • Establish a system by which anonymous complaints can be made to the President or other members of the committee, which they then have a duty to investigate 

Making Change in Oxford

Report & Volunteer

  • Complaints or comments can be made to the City Council via this form:

    • For street lighting in particular, you can use this form

  • Anneliese Dodds is the MP for Oxford East, and can be contacted here.

    • She can also advocate or lobby your behalf within a college 

  • Shaista Aziz is a Labour Councillor who IHH has worked with in the past, and can be contacted here.

  • Volunteer with OSARCC, the Oxfordshire Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre.

Making Change with your own events


If you have an idea for a welfare, feminist, discussion or fundraising event, we’d love to hear about it or support it!

Some ideas can include

  • A film screening

  • A discussion-based event

  • Activism against street harassment 

  • Organising a protest

  • A welfare or support group, or self-care space 

  • A speaker event related to sexual violence, trauma or activism

  • An unrelated event that fundraises for a sexual-violence related cause

Making Change through donations


There are a number of worthwhile charities you can donate to or fundraise for, whether internationally, nationally or locally.

  • OSARCC, the Oxfordshire Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre

  • Our Streets Now, an organisation campaigning against public sexual harassment

  • Rape Crisis England and Wales, the umbrella body supporting Rape Crisis centres in the UK

  • The Survivors Trust, one of the biggest sexual abuse organisations in the UK

  • Survivors UK, an organisation focusing on male survivors of sexual violence

  • You can also encourage your JCR Charities Rep or JCR to donate to these causes, or a cause focused on supporting survivors

It Happens Here Friends

Oxford organisations that share the characteristics of It Happens Here.

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Oxfordshire Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Centre

Student-run advocacy and support group for survivors of sexual violence in Oxford.

An intersectional campaign that works for feminist justice through protest, discussion groups, and social events.

A supportive community for debating and campaigning for equality and empowerment for all.

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