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Consent Workshops

collaboration with

Oxford SU

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Building Resources

creating a hub of support for survivors and their allies

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End NDAs

stop the silencing of survivors, in collaboration with Can't Buy My Silence

Sports Team

Sports Clubs

collaboration with

Beyond Equality

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Safe Spaces Project

weekly wellbeing sessions for survivors

Letter stamps

Letters from Survivors

express your feelings around your experiences in the form of art

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Changemaking Training

training student representatives in policy change

Image by Dan Dodman

Safe Lodges

allow every student in crisis to find shelter and support at any college lodge (e.g. to escape street harassment)


Clothesline Project

art exhibit created by former Co-Chair, a collaboration between IHH and other feminist campaigns in Oxford

Image by NeONBRAND


anonymously share stories of sexual violence at Oxford University on Instagram

Image by Waldemar Brandt

Free Solace Taxis

make taxis to the Solace SARC free from every college

Construction Site

Our Projects

this list of projects is subject to change with the handover to the new committee