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Changemaking Workshop 2022

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

It Happens Here recently led a workshop on tackling sexual violence within the collegiate system. It was open to college reps, as well as anyone wanting to make a change and wanting some guidance on where to start. So often the reason why campaigns and political movements don’t happen is not because of a lack of will or feeling, but uncertainty about where to begin or alienation from the process. For me, organising this workshop was really about giving students the tools to make their voices heard, as well as showing them that, despite how it often feels when individuals or institutions abuse their power, that they hold the power and stand within a network of people fighting for change.

It covered the basics from how to pass motions, make FOI requests and write an open letter, with examples and templates for each. We also collectively discussed and developed ‘The Core College Guidelines’ which set out basic criteria for what ‘good’ college procedures around sexual violence should look like.

To echo the recent ‘Transforming Silence’ symposium on sexual violence that centred around the Audre Lorde quote “Your silence will not protect you”, I hope that this workshop in some way can help students break the silence. We hope to run this workshop again, and please reach out if you would like access to the original PowerPoint!

- Emilia Campos-Bedingfield, Rep Liaison Officer, IHH Committee 2021-2022




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