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New Men*s Website Section

We are happy to announce the addition of a new, Men*s specific, section to our website! While it is true that women and non-binary people are at a higher risk for experiencing sexual violence, this does not mean that men* don’t experience sexual violence. It is estimated that at least 1 in 6 men* have experienced sexual violence by adulthood (1in6). There are charities and helplines that are gender-inclusive and help male* survivors, such as Rape Crisis England and Wales, Male Survivors and Samaritans. We created this section so men* feel accommodated for and never feel wrong for thinking they can be survivors.

*IHH defines men to include cis, trans and non-binary identities. This section is to make sure all men are looked after and can easily find the help they need after an incident of sexual violence. We have broken our resources down into three subsections:

Experienced Violence

This page of the website has been designed to correspond to the unquestionable gender differences regarding how men experience sexual violence.

Help for Allies

Other Resources

A lot of research has gone into ensuring that this section is as thorough and accessible as possible, so we hope you find these resources as helpful and insightful as we did. However, if you think something is missing, or would like more extensive information on anything we have included, please get in contact through our email:



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