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OxStu: Oxford is failing survivors of sexual violence

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

By now, many of us have read the article ‘I Was Raped At Oxford University. Police Pressured Me Into Dropping Charges’, written by an Oxford student under the pseudonym Maria Marcello. The first post on a new blog, it details the author’s experience of being raped by someone in her college, and the process of reporting the incident. It raises several issues, including the way Oxfordshire police handled the case, which included a receptionist who “insisted on me giving details in front of everybody in the waiting room”. However, another huge problem is evident in Maria’s experience: the University and colleges are failing to adequately respond to sexual violence claims.
A silhouetted woman standing in the shadows looks out of a brightly lit window in Dunster Castle, Somerset, England
Credit: David Masters on Flickr

Author: Alys Key

Published: 1 September 2014, The Oxford Student


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