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Times: Oxford college rape claim: ‘They tried to convince me not to complain’

Alan Rusbridger stands in a suit, arms crossed
Lady Margaret Hall, then under the leadership of Alan Rusbridger, made a student who complained of rape feel victimised and harassed, she has claimed GEFF J MITCHELL/GETTY IMAGES

A rape claimant says that questioning by Alan Rusbridger, then head of her Oxford college, left her in tears, writes Sean O’Neill

CN. descriptions of r*pe, case mishandling

Olivia was asleep when the attacker came into her Oxford college bedroom. He was a fellow student with whom she was in a difficult, failing relationship.
The young man had been at a college dinner and was drunk.
He began kissing her then, according to her account, pushed her back on to the bed. As she scratched at his face and neck he pinned her arms down and raped her. It was, she recalled, “violent and frightening”.
When the attacker left he was seen by another undergraduate who noticed the marks on his face and neck. “Rough sex,” he explained.

The Times

Times Investigation

Published: 31 March 2023

Author: Sean O'Neill


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